Social Media SEO Optimization

Let’s chat about social media SEO optimization, or search engine optimization for social media. We have all heard of SEO when it comes to Google, but did you know that you can optimize your social media for better search results also?

Social Media SEO Optimization

Let’s start with Instagram optimization, because well, IG is my favorite. But, let me explain what exactly SEO is, what optimization is and why you want to optimize your profiles for better search.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how we gain more website traffic and improve the quality of those going to our sites or pages from search engines, like Google, Bing or YouTube. Having a killer SEO plan helps you target unpaid traffic, or organic traffic, rather than paying for targeted ads. Search engines have bots that crawl your pages and when doing so, they collect a ton of data about each of those pages in which they then index into their database. So when someone is searching for something specific, Google will then quickly search their database for pieces they pulled from your site to feed what they’re looking for.

You have to remember that search engines only know what you tell them. If you sell candles in Tampa, FL and nowhere on your website does it say candles or candles in Tampa, how will Google know that and how will they serve a potential customer your site if you don’t give them that info? That’s why it is SO important to have a good SEO plan in place, especially if you have a website or a YouTube channel. Keep in mind that a solid SEO plan without paid advertising is slow growth on Google. It can take 12 – 24 months to rank organically, so be patient friend. The consistency will pay off.

Instagram Optimization

SEO works the same way on Instagram and Facebook, to an extent. You can show up when searched on social platforms much quicker and easier as they are making it easier to be searched. When you are in your Instagram account, take a look at your bio. It should be clear and concise. When I visit it as an outside looking in, I should know exactly who you are, what you do and who and how you serve. If your handle, meaning your IG name is your actual name (for example MrsChelseaGardner), then you do NOT need your name in your bio again because you are already searchable by your name as it stands as your handle.

Your bio is real estate to use, so don’t waste it!

Next is where your “name” is on your bio. This is where you want to put what it is you do (for example, Social Media Specialist)– because this area is also searchable. Now if your handle is SocialMediawithChels then here is where you would want to put your actual name and/or go into detail. Both of these fields can be searched, so use it to your advantage!

Social Media SEO Optimization

The rest of your bio is WHY I SHOULD FOLLOW YOU! This should be clear. What am I getting from you on a consistent basis if I follow your account? If you serve specific areas, make sure that is listed in your bio. And please please please make sure there is a call to action in your bio. WHAT do you want me to do once I get there? You have limited characters in your name and bio, so get creative here.

Examples can be follow me for (fill in the blank) tips, sign up for my monthly newsletter (with arrows pointing down to the website you put in), Call me for a free consultation – make sure that you have your phone and/ or email in the contact options on your bio. Depending on a scheduler you use, you could add a scheduling button and link it directly to your Instagram page under action buttons. Again, if I am searching for, let’s say, a loan officer, and I go into the search bar on Instagram and type in Loan Officer Tampa – you won’t show if you don’t tell IG that is what you do and where you are!

I hope that makes sense! As a millennial, I do a lot of searching on Instagram and Facebook over Google, so you want to make sure that you are optimized to be found and then optimized with your call to action and who you are and how you can help me once I do find you. I will leave your page if it isn’t clear what you do, who you are, or if you can help me with what I am looking for and if you haven’t posted to your page in over 2 weeks.

Facebook Optimization

For Facebook, y’all, you need to make sure that if you are using a Facebook page that you complete all of the information it asks for. If you don’t have a website, for example, be sure to click the button “no website” so FB knows that your profile is not incomplete, but rather that you just don’t have one. Make sure that you have a good description (what would be similar to your bio on IG, but you have way more characters you can use). Your page should describe what you do or who you are. Your name can be something like Chelsea Gardner, Social Media Specialist. It is concise, tells you who I am and what I do – without even having to open the page to read further.

Make sure you have a button activated on your page, whether that be to message you, email you, or call. If you are up for it or you have an assistant that handles your page, I recommend messaging. More people are prone to send a message than to get on the phone these days when they want to reach out to you. I also recommend that your page has your picture as the main profile photo. Yes, you can do a company logo in the banner, but people want to connect to a person, so show your face or your teams face if you can!

It is just so important that you have your pages optimized. I can’t stress it enough. You can be doing all the things and posting consistently and not growing because people get lost once they come to your page.

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