How Do I Respond to Reviews?

How Do I Respond to Reviews? Whoa. If you didn’t read “Help! I need reviews,” I recommend you do that first. You can find that blog post HERE.

Now that you are getting an influx of reviews online from your newfound processes, or simply by asking, how do you respond? Some responses are much simpler than others. I have compiled a list below that are copy and paste worthy or plug and play. I hope this helps you and makes life just a tad bit easier.

A few quick tips before we get started:

  1. Depending on your industry, please keep in mind any regulations you may face. If you are in healthcare, you must follow HIPAA guidelines when responding publicly. It is OK for a patient to air their business publicly; it is not okay for you to reply with any specifics.
  2. Respond to negative reviews with grace and compassion. No one wants to see defense mode like whoa! It isn’t a good look.
  3. If you have a 3 star or below and have the contact information to the person who left it, call them! Try to speak to them directly first, and then respond.

4 & 5 stars:

  • Thank you so much for the 5 stars!
  • We really appreciate your review.
  • We love that you took the time to leave us such kind words!
  • You’re the BEST, (name)! Thank you!

4 stars:

  • Was there anything we could have done to make your experience 5 stars?

1 – 3 stars:

  • We appreciate your feedback and will look further into your concerns.
  • (name), we tried to reach you and were unable to do so. We would like to further discuss your review. Could you please contact us directly at (number or email).
  • We strive for exceptional service. We apologize this did not happen at your most recent visit with us.
  • We strive for exceptional service. We apologize that you feel this did not happen at your most recent visit with us. Rest assured, your experience is not how we operate.
  • Thank you for your feedback as this is how we improve our processes.

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